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Thank you for considering oymLMS as one of the logistics solutions of your company.

oymLMS is being used by clients including a cosmetic distributor with more than 20,000 SKU, a retailer with around 6,000 kinds of office supply, etc. Besides managing warehousing and distribution, it is being used as a JIT cross-border distribution solution for over 4,000 electronic parts and finished goods. It is also being applied to a VMI project which integrates more than 20 suppliers and 3,000 kinds of products into one single platform. oymLMS is a web-based application providing real-time information and is available for lease.

oymLMS is developed through the experience of more than 20 years in logistics business and the analysis of customer requirements of the past 7 years. The system comprises more than 200 easy-to-use and flexible functions as well as more than 60 reports with real-time data obtainable online and available through email transmission. Our IT experts possess the experience in developing award-winning applications, and have the capabilities to satisfy different needs of warehousing and logistics management.

Your enquiries, comments or suggestions are most welcome. Please contact our Project Manager or via email Our Project Manager as well as IT team will be glad to show you how to put this comprehensive system to work.

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