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JIT Application
(HK-China Logistics Flow for Electronic Parts)


To provide JIT information visibility of goods flow in order to service manufacturing plants in Southern China. Right at this moment electronic parts from worldwide arrives DC located in Hong Kong. All involved parties, including supplier, trucking service provider, logistics service provider and manufacturer are able to control and trace the parts via a single web platform. The system helps eliminating human errors on documentation processes, sorting out items of various handling methods. Most important of all, the system provides real-time information so as to align with the JIT and VMI concepts.


With the application of Java tools built on Linus platform, together with MySQL database, a convenient front end and back end web platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

- When goods arriving the DC, inform the logistics provider of the details including :
  ... product code and name;
  ... quantity, unit and weight;
  ... country of origin;
  ... HS code and/or license code.
- Provide all necessary documents, such as invoice, packing list, certificate of country of origin, etc.
 Logistics provider
-  Control over-shipped items upon receiving.
-  Confirm arrival of goods with correct information such as item names and quantities.
-  System informs picking out "goods on hold" for reasons such as :
  ...  being held by user;
  ...  "non-wood" certificate not available;
  ...  country of origin has not been clarified;
  ...  HS code or import license not ready.
-  Palletize goods received and get ready for dispatch.
-  Prepare concatenated customs invoice and packing lists for individual truck.
-  Prepare and collect CIC certificate.
-  Prepare manifest to trucker.
Trucking service provider
-   Upon receipt of goods, arrange truck to collect goods.
-   Handle customs processes.
-   Truck goods to plant.
-   Inform the logistics provider of the specific locations so as to reflect on web.
Buyer / Production control
-   Place "hold/release" instruction
-   Update country of origin when necessary
 All parties
-  Change password
-  Goods status with
  ...   arrival date and time;
  ...   dispatch date/time and truck number.
-  Message forum
-  Online help

Future Development

-  RFID tagged from suppliers so as to obtain information before goods arriving the DC.
-  Joint with GPS system to provide real-time information on truck routes.


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