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Allowing the use of our warehouse management features at the lowest variable cost, oymLMS is one of the effective ways to save cost on IT development. You may also test the system before making the buying decision as oymLMS is also available for trial use.

Whether you have your own team to manage your warehouse or you have outsourced your operation to a third party service provider, oymLMS can help you to control your inventory on a real-time basis, anytime, anywhere. You can get full access and monitor your inventory even when you are on vacation, and only a computer with Internet access is required.

oymLMS is an on-line system for processing logistics procedures. It is based on the idea of a user-friendly, high accessibility and highly extensible logistics management system.

oymLMS helps you to manage every logistical process among supplier, warehouse and client by connecting the network of supplier and client. Through oymLMS, a single pool of data is shared by these parties to achieve maximum transparency in the flow of information. It can be useful in eliminating information lost, delay, distortion and chaos which always happen in the traditional way of processing logistics information.

oymLMS is an ASP model. It is also a sellable package. oymLMS is developed by JAVA, based on Linus and mySQL. Using oymLMS is therefore, can be more economical as you don't need to pay any license fee. Also, it is run on an open platform and ready for integration. Connecting to any system through CVS, Excel, XML, etc. reduces manual work in merging information.

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