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About oymLMS

An efficiently managed warehouse is a requirement to achieve success in customer satisfaction, cost control and keep sales and fulfillment operations running smoothly.

When a Warehouse Management System is integrated into the entire distribution process it directs the flow of materials from receiving to quality control and from quality control to active or reserved storage locations. When it is integrated into a picking system with a barcode scanner/reader, it can direct pickers to specific locations to get the specified gods and quantities. Also, the system can manage the flow of materials placed into a conveyor system and guide materials through the system to a packing system or directly to an outbounder trailer. It can also capture and validate what, when, where and who loaded the outbound truck.

oymWMS is a powerful, feature-rich yet user-friendly solution for automating the inventory-handling process in a warehouse that scales to accommodate the varied demands of small and mid-size distribution centers to highly complex, high-volume environments.

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