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Managing inventory by suppliers instead of manufacturers, applying the expert service of a 3rd party logistics service provider, VMI is a streamline approach to inventory and order fulfillment.

Having the right product at the right time

Manufacturers submit inventory and demand data to the VMI system via EDI. Through the Min/Max function, the system generates a demand forecast. Via the information on the web, daily reports or email transmissions, suppliers can monitor the inventory and ensure inventory is kept at a safety level. With the VMI system, manufacturers benefit from smoother manufacturing cycles and optimized resource allocation.

Zero inventory

Manufacturers convert the transaction requirements of Ex Works, FOB, FIB, DDU, etc. into Ex Hub, i.e. the transaction requirements of a VMI hub. The goods are stored in the VMI hub and belong to the suppliers when they are not required by the manufacturers. Therefore, manufacturers can keep inventory as low as zero level and enjoy improved financial results.

3rd party logistics support

After receiving requisitions from manufacturers via EDI or email transmissions, the VMI hub takes the responsibilities of preparing invoices, picking & packing and delivery. The process is completed efficiently with minimal input from the trading partners, thus eliminating the complicated transactions among different departments of suppliers and requirements of different manufacturers.

Pay after goods arrived

Upon receipt of goods, the manufacturer will send confirmation to the accounting staff of the VMI hub. After that, the accounting staff will update the VMI system and notify the supplier and arrange invoice.

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